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Visual Reflexes II

The Sixth Sense Is there really a sixth sense within all of us?  I believe there is, but not in the way that most people perceive its existence. I feel that the state we are in when the so-called sixth sense is functioning is simply the state of heightened subconscious functioning. When fighting with the […]

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The Speed Loop

The Speed Loop is comprised of the seven components of speed and their relation to each other when applied in competition or self-defense. As a speed student, it is imperative that you thoroughly understand the Speed Loop. You will learn about successful advanced speed training concepts. You will also learn about the useless concepts that […]

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Visual Stamina

Visual stamina involves the ability to quickly focus on an object. It also involves the ability to concentrate intensely on that object for a prolonged period of time. The development of your visual stamina will enable you to experience the sensation of “speed-retardation.” This is when the fastest punch or kick appears to be moving […]

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